In an ideal world your business would never have to deal with a return. All of your customers would be deliriously happy and you would be able to sit back with your feet up, watching as orders fly out of the door, never to be seen again. Unfortunately, we all know that this is far from the truth. At some point you are going to have to deal with a returned order. It could be for any number of reasons, but that’s not important. What is important is how you deal with it.

Efficient returns handling is an essential part of any online business. How a company deals with their returns can affect how the business is perceived by their customers. Who would you trust more? A company who makes it difficult to return unwanted goods or one that offers a smooth service, keeping you informed at every stage?

If you offer an effortlessly efficient returns policy, you are cementing goodwill into the mind of your customer. People appreciate a no-nonsense approach, especially if it was a mistake that they made themselves. ‘You ordered a pair of size 14 shoes when what you really wanted was a size 8. No problem, just send them straight back to us and we will get the correct size out to you immediately.’  You get the idea.

While many eCommerce retailers still consider returns to be a nuisance and impose tight schedules upon their customers, the savvy recognise that a more relaxed approach can actually be a very powerful marketing tool. Customers are much more likely to refer a business with a decent returns policy to a friend. Creating word of mouth referrals is an extremely effective way to promote a business. Something to bear in mind the next time an order comes back to you, whatever the reason.

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